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With AI,
We Turn Contract Into Data

BHSN offers a secure and streamlined solution for creating, negotiating, and approving contracts, saving businesses time and reducing the risk of lost or mismanaged agreements.


Our ambition is making the most successful

contract management solution for digital transformation.

BHSN has the best experts with successful experiences

in the fields of AI, contract, and business.
With this combination of expertise, BHSN is ready to make a real impact in the world of digital transformation.


Our solution is developed by the best NLP engineers, data analysts, and developers in Korea. It runs on top of our powerful language model engine.


BHSN consists of various contract professionals including Korean attorneys and foreign attorneys with a broad range of experiences in large law firms and multinational companies.


BHSN has a broad range of industry experiences in IT conglomerates, AI startups, foreign financial companies, and foreign consulting companies.

We strive to identify

the highest and the best uses of contract to grow your business

We supports companies’ digital transformation with AI-powered contract management software.
BHSN’s solution, based on its own language engine, helps companies manage the contracting process and business data.

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5F, 570, Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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